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Educational Animal Parties
Fancy a party with a difference? Our animal encounters make any event unforgettable and have been enjoyed by people of any age! (under 5's must each be accompanied by an adult). We've even attended Hen Do's! 

Our encounters last 75mins
 for up to 18 participants, extra time can be purchased at £20 per extra 15mins thereafter.
We aim to bring around 14 different animal species to a party location of your choice, all the guests will get the opportunity to touch/handle each of the animals. 

Prices start from £220
Extra charges apply for travel outside Sheffield and special dates such as bank holidays ect 

Email us with your venue post code for an accurate quote! 

Vincy - Silver Fox

Corporate and Large Events

If you’re planning big event, be it for a carnival, fete, gala, festival, or any corporate celebration the Wild House Animals can make a great addition! feel free to head over to our contact page and have a chat with us about how we might be able to help. 

At large events we operate as an animal handling attraction in which the guests can approach and handle/learn more about these fascinating creatures 

Meeko meerkat

Animals as Therapy 

Studies have shown that calm interaction with an animal can reduce stress, help with relaxation, and even lower blood pressure!


We at Wild House have taken our animals to meet people in special circumstances such as in senior care homes, assisted living facilitates and schools for young people with learning difficulties.

There are so many benefits that interactions with our animals can have – whether they’re acting as sensory stimuli or a relaxation tool, helping to increase attention span or boost self confidence, or simply providing enjoyment and pleasure for people that may not otherwise get the chance to meet exotic animals.

If you know anyone that you think could benefit from a bit of quality time with our animals, feel free to get in touch via the contact page. 


Unfortunately not all of our animals are suitable for this type of encounter (some are a bit too excitable for certain situations, for one thing!) but we’d be happy to discuss all of that with you when you make your enquiry. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Face Your Fear Sessions

There are many recorded heath benefits of faceing your fears in a controlled environment.  The more you face your fears, the more you face your own vulnerabilities too. Do it often and long enough and the negative emotions that are triggered by them — like shame and guilt — will eventually lose their power over you.

Our tailored face your fear sessions can be held as a group activity or can be a more personal experience with up to 3 guests. The animals we bring would include some of our fluffier animals as well as the "scary ones" to make you feel comfortable.  

Falkor! #royalpython #ballpython #snake
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