Vince and his Adventures

Vince the Silver fox was bred in captivity, he still needs to express his natural wild behaviours. Vince loves to explore new places, smell new scents and see new sights. 

You may notice in some pictures Vince looks a lot smaller, this is due to him loosing and regaining his winter coat throughout the year. Click on a picture to find out more!

Silver Fox Information

Silver or "melanistic" foxes do occur very rarely in the wild in the UK. If you do see a strange coloured fox in the wild please report it to Black Foxes UK​ as it will probably be an escaped pet and will struggle to survive in the wild  


Vince and all other captive bred Silver foxes are farm animals that have been domesticated for coat colour and quality, they have only recently been bred by exotic pet breeders for traits such as tameness and suitability to live as a pet here in the UK.


They are not the same as the experimental foxes people think of when discussing domesticated pet foxes, nor are they the same as the native wild animals that are kept as pets because they cannot be released. 

For more info on Silver Foxes and their history please visit

Wild House Animal Encounters

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